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Our association has adopted a conscience-based, sustainable, contemporary, big-picture, and inclusive perspective in solving social problems.


Our association was established to produce scientific solutions to social problems with innovative and sustainable projects within the framework of needs analysis based on empirical research, encouraging peer institutions and organizations in this regard and becoming a respected and reliable partner by being recognized nationally and internationally. In this process, our association cooperates with national and international institutions and organizations and increases the quality and impact of the project. Our association: To benefit the target audience on global problems such as environmental, technology, and learning disadvantage, it creates awareness on these issues, carries out activities such as raising awareness, training, providing consultancy, supporting, strengthening, defending their rights, ensuring participation, offering solution suggestions and sharing good practice examples. These activities consider the needs and expectations of target groups and make their voices heard. To develop national and international collaborations, our association communicates with institutions and organizations such as other non-governmental organizations operating in education and research, universities, research centers, public institutions, the private sector, media, and local governments, and carries out partnership and networking activities. Develops joint projects, organizes joint events, and shares knowledge and experience. These collaborations both improve its capacity and contribute to the capacity of other institutions and organizations. As an association, we constantly improve ourselves in these areas, acquire new knowledge and skills, learn new methods and techniques, and use new tools and resources to increase our education and research capacity. For this purpose, our association offers or benefits from training, seminars, conferences, panels, workshops, symposiums, forums, internships, and job opportunities. It provides these opportunities for its members, volunteers, employees, stakeholders, supporters, and society.

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